How the slot machines work


Many visitors to the casino regularly play slots, but have no idea how these machines are arranged. Understanding the principle of the slot machines will avoid five popular traps of playing the slots, as well as increase the probability of winning. That is why we will talk in detail today about the main principles of slots.

Evolution of the slot machine device

The first slot machines, often called “one-armed bandits” because of its design, had an electromechanical device. As a result of the fact that the player pulled the handle, started the drums, which, having performed several spins, stopped in an arbitrary position. The drums were operated by a specially designed brake system, which obeyed a certain algorithm. If the same symbols were collected in a line, the sensor triggered and activated the system to issue the appropriate winnings.

Casino with slot-machine

A little later, the electromechanical slots were replaced by electric ones. In these machines, the drums were rotated by a motor. Otherwise, the principle of operation remained the same.

Now all gambling establishments use electronic machines, which do not have moving mechanical parts. A special program is used, which is responsible for displaying the image on the screen. Also, an integral part of the electronic slots is GSC – random number generator, which is responsible for random falling out of characters on the drums. Due to the presence of MFL in slots on the bitcoins, it is impossible to predict when the winning line or the bonus will fall.

Random Number Generator is a special program that is protected from hacking by MD5 algorithm used in many security systems. Despite the fact that this algorithm was developed quite a long time ago, it is still relevant, protecting HSS in bitcoin games from cheaters.

Software developers claim that their algorithm is absolutely safe, and although there is a possibility of hacking in theory, this has never happened in practice. Thus, visitors to the bitcoin casino can be sure that no fraudulent actions are taken against them, both by the owners of the casino and by other users.

Despite the fact that the symbols in the machines drop out completely arbitrary and the moment of winning can not be predicted, still there are certain tips and strategies that will help you win in online slots.

Types of slots and their features

In our casino for bitcoins gambling is available in a wide range. Slots differ in many characteristics:

  1. theme;
  2. the number of drums and rows;
  3. the maximum number of exhibited lines;
  4. betting limits;
  5. bonuses and their types;
  6. return rate;
  7. participation in Jackpot fund formation.

By theme slots can be divided into many thematic groups: history, fiction, crime, nature, wildlife, adventure and much more. Each player can choose a slot to your liking. For example, fans of Egyptian themes can play Mega Pyramid.

Slot machine Image

This game has not only a theme background in the form of a pyramid, but also the symbols corresponding to the Roman theme. The slot is made in the form of five drums and four rows of characters, although more popular options for machines with three rows.

In all slots you can win by building symbols in the line. However, most slots additionally allow you to win by using bonuses. Bonuses can be represented in completely different types. For example, free-spins – free spins of reels, which are activated when certain symbols fall into the field. A wild symbol is also a kind of bonus that can complete winning lines by replacing any other symbols.

In some ethereal games, the player can set the required number of lines, in other slots automatically set a certain number of lines that will bring the win in the event of a fallout. The range of bets in our esterium casino is wide enough, so here can play users of any wealth.

Our esterium casino also has jackpot slots, which provide an opportunity to make a huge score. Part of the money written off from each spin goes to the formation of a progressive jackpot, which can get any player.

One of the most important factors when choosing a slot to play is its percentage of return. This indicator shows what percentage of the machine on average gives. For example, 95% says that with every $100 player on average will be returned $95.

How do you win in slots

In order to start playing slots, you need to set the size of the bet in the crypt currency, which will be charged for each reel spin. Also select the number of active lines, in the case of falling out of which you will get the winnings. Lines can be from one to several dozen. Naturally, the more lines you set, the more money will be deducted for each spin. Therefore, each player chooses the tactics of action: to play on a small number of lines, save credits, but rarely win, or set a maximum of active lines, spend more money, but almost every spin gets at least a small gain.

slot machine in casino

Winning line in a crypt-currency casino should consist of a series of identical symbols arranged one after another. The minimum length of the line – two or three symbols. The order in which the symbols to win depends on the number of lines you play. Thus, on the first line to win can be only if several identical symbols lined up one after another, starting with the leftmost reel in the central row. Playing on three lines, you can win if the symbols are in order on any of the three rows.

In most gambling on the bitcoins has a special symbol, which is called a wild symbol. It acts as a joker, which means that when hitting the line with other symbols it becomes the same symbol and completes the winning line. For example, the first line on the first reel is the king, then the wild symbol and then the king. In this case, the wild symbol becomes the king and brings the winnings, as on a line of three kings.

Another opportunity to win in slots – bonuses. Each machine has its own, unique bonuses. These bonuses are activated when certain characters on the playing field. Thus, most often to run free spins on the reels should fall 3 or more special characters – scatter symbols. They by themselves bring the winnings, as well as activate the free-spins, during which the money is not written off the account.